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Clothing publications cover topics related to clothing, including clothing construction and sewing, personal appearance, clothing and fabric selection, and care of textiles and clothes.

Many of the publications are available as PDF files. To use files in PDF format, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download from the Adobe web site.


Apparel Textiles and Care

C-502: Removing Stains

C-503: Getting Clothes Clean

C-504: Preventing Damage from Clothes Moths and Carpet Beetles


C-103: Judging Clothing Projects

C-104: Sewing Shortcuts

Clothing Construction

C-102: Sewing Machine Maintenance

C-202: Checklist of Common Sewing Machine Problems

C-203: Buying a Sewing Machine

C-205: Selecting a Pattern Size for Perfect Fit

C-208: Selecting Interfacings, Underlinings, and Linings

C-209: Measurements for Fitting Pants

C-210: T is for T-Shirt

C-211: Sewing Sleeves

C-213: Free-Motion Machine Embroidery

C-214: Clothing Construction Standards

C-217: Sewing Machine Applique

C-218: Selecting an Overlock Machine

C-219: Sewing Techniques with an Overlock Machine

C-220: Check your Pattern For Proper Fit

C-221: Zippers Made Easy

C-222: Sleeve Plackets and Bands

C-223: Collars

C-225: Patch Pockets

C-227: Making Perfect Pants

C-228: Pattern Alteration

C-229: Sewing Synthetic Suedes

C-230: Making Outerwear with Down or Polyester Fiberfill

C-231: Machine Buttonholes Made Easy

C-232: Fasteners Made Easy

C-233: Facings Made Easy

C-234: Waistbands Made Easy

Personal Appearance

C-309: Pressing Pointers

C-312: Fashion Feasibility

C-313: Rags to Riches: Recycling and Upcycling Old Clothes

C-314: Making Perfect Garment Hems

C-315: Determining Personal Colors

C-316: Guide to Color


C-401: Clothing Hints for Young Children

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