Specialty Publications


The College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences is aggressively involved in finding solutions to current problems in New Mexico.

These specialty publications are written by researchers, scientists, and other experts that conduct commissioned studies and other work, or that address issues of particular concern for New Mexico.

Linebery Policy Center

LPC-1: Economic Contribution of the Beef Cattle Industry to New Mexico

LPC-2: A Common-sense Criterion in the Evaluation Of Wilderness

LPC-3: Is there enough Grass? Balancing Forage Supply and Demand

LPC-4: Pinyon-juniper Regulations in New Mexico: A Policy Review

LPC-5: Western States Agricultural Property Tax Comparison


Range Improvement Task Force

Range Improvement Task Force publications may be obtained by contacting ritf@nmsu.edu 

Reports 1 to 60 are available at the NMSU Library Archives

Report 67: Characteristics of the United States Organic Beef Industry

Report 69: Montane Meadow and Open Area Encroachment in the Lincoln Forest, Sacramento Grazing Allotment

Report 70: The Financial and Ecological Impacts of Two Stocking Levels on Chihauhuan Desert Rangeland

Report 71: Range Livestock Costs and Returns for New Mexico, 1998

Report 72: Range Livestock Costs and Returns for New Mexico, 1999

Report 73: Range Livestock Costs and Returns for New Mexico - 2000

Report 74: Range Livestock Costs and Returns for New Mexico - 2001

Report 75: Range Livestock Costs and Returns for New Mexico, 2002

Report 76: Data Entry, Organization and Analysis for Rapid Assessment Metholology

Report 77: A Guide to Identifying Livestock Depredation - PDF Version

Report 78: Review of Livestock Management Practices to Minimize Livestock Depredation by Wolves: Applicability to the Southwest

Report 79: Economic Implications and Surface Disturbance Mitigation of Oil and Gas Development on Otero Mesa

Report 80: Reestablishment of the Mexican Gray Wolf: The Economics of Depredation

Report 81: Legacy of Agricultural Property Tax in New Mexico - 2011

Report 82: Elk and Livestock in New Mexico: Issues and Conflicts on Private and Public Lands

Report 83: Wilderness Designation and Livestock Grazing: The Gila Example

Report 84: Scientific review of 12/14/10, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposal to List the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard as Endangered Under the Endangered Species Act

Report 85: An Introduction to NEPA: The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969

Report 86 : Assessment of Postfire Debris-flow Hazards, La Jara Watershed, North-central New Mexico

Report 87 : Proceedings: Range Improvement Task Force 2016 Livestock Water Symposium

Report 88: Annotated Instructions for Rangeland Monitoring Using the Rapid Assessment Methodology


Crop Variety Trial Reports


Corn and Sorghum

Chile Task Force/Chile Association Report and Water Task Forces reports can be found on the NMSU Library's AES/CES historical publications website.

Range Improvement Task Force Reports
Water Task Force Reports
Chile Task Force/Chile Association Reports



Library Historical Archives

The NMSU library archives a complete set of Extension and Research documents dating back to the 19th century on their shelves. Search the library catalog ➤

In 2012, the NMSU Library and the NMSU College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences began collaborating to make this collection more accessible to the public by digitizing many of these important pieces of history and research. Search the digital archive ➤

(Out-of-date publications are provided as a historical record only. Information contained in these publications may not be current, and readers are advised to consult a professional before using this information.)


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