Extension How-To Publications

NMSU's Cooperative Extension Service how-to guides and circulars cover such topics as gardening, health, clothing and sewing, family resource management, and livestock and range management.

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NMSU agronomy publications
(A series)
NMSU livestock and range publications
Livestock & Range
(B series)
NMSU clothing publications
(C series)
NMSU dairy publications
(D series)
NMSU food and nutrition publications
Food & Nutrition
(E series)
NMSU family development publications
Family Development
(F series)
Family Resource Management
(G series)
NMSU horticulture publications
(H series)
NMSU health publications
(I series)
NMSU wildlife publications
(L series)
NMSU Ag mechanics and engineering publications
Ag Mechanics & Engineering
(M series)
NMSU water publications
(W series)
NMSU weather&climate publications
Weather & Climate
(X series)
NMSU economics publications
(Z series)
NMSU data reports
Data Reports
(Data Reports)
NMSU task force reports
Specialty Publications
(Specialty Publications)
Drought Publication Listing
(Drought Publication Listing)

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Library Historical Archives

The NMSU library archives a complete set of Extension and Research documents dating back to the 19th century on their shelves. Search the library catalog ➤

In 2012, the NMSU Library and the NMSU College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences began collaborating to make this collection more accessible to the public by digitizing many of these important pieces of history and research. Search the digital archive ➤

(Out-of-date publications are provided as a historical record only. Information contained in these publications may not be current, and readers are advised to consult a professional before using this information.)