Family Resource Management

Family Resources

Family resource management publications cover topics such as home and money management, consumer protection, wills, home pests and pesticides, and home furnishings and design.

Many of the publications are available as PDF files. To use files in PDF format, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download from the Adobe web site.


Family Finances | Money Management

Budgeting, Saving, Spending

G-219: How Do You Rate as a Money Manager?

G-230: How to Calculate Your Net Worth

G-258: Managing Your Family's Money

Circular 591: Managing Your Money: Where Do I Begin?

      Family Financial Worksheet - MS Excel Format

Circular 593: Managing Your Money: Stop Spending Leaks

     Related Documents below in MS Excel Format:
      Spending Leaks Worksheet

Circular 594: Managing Your Money: Develop a Spending Plan

     Related Documents below in MS Excel Format:
      Estimate Income
      Estimate Fixed Expenses
      Flexible Expenses
      Compare Income & Expenses

Banking & Cash Management

G-110: Emergency Preparedness: Evacuation

Circular 592: Managing Your Money: Where Does All The Money Go?

     Related Documents below in MS Excel Format:
      How Much do I Owe?
      Income & Expenses Tracking
      Net Worth Statement

Loans, Debt & Credit Score

G-205: Don't Be Robbed by Fraud

G-205: No permita que lo estafen

G-216: You Can Check Your Credit Rating

G-235: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

G-260: Small-Dollar Predatory Lending and Bad Loans

Circular 595: Managing Your Money: How Much Credit Can I Afford?

     Related Documents below in MS Excel Format:
      Buy vs. Rent to Own
      How Much do I Owe
      Income & Payment Calendar

Auto & Home Ownership

G-250: How Do You Own Your Property?

Insurance, Identity Theft & Risk Management

Estate Planning | Wills & More

G-246: Information to Help Your Heirs

G-247: Things to do Before Making a Will

G-255: Do You Need a Will?

G-256: Comparison of Living Trusts and Wills

Consumer Protection

G-204: Right to Cancel: Door-To-Door and Telephone Sales

G-224: Unfair Trade Practices

G-244: Protect Your Credit Cards

Other Financial Issues

G-228: What Records Should You Keep?

G-229: Organize a Home Filing System

G-252: Some Common Mistakes in Money Management

Circular 596: Managing Your Money: Keeping Records in Order

G-106: Garage Sales: Cash Not Trash

Home Management

Home Management | Misc

G-102: Firewood Facts

G-107: Junk Your Junkmail

G-108: Healthy Indoor Air for New Mexico Homes

G-109: Emergency Preparedness: Sheltering at Home

G-314: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, Alternatives for Waste Management

G-521: ABCs of Making Adobe Bricks

G-532: Household Inventory

G-533: Tips to Save Water and Money

Home Furnishings

G-401: Selecting Fabrics For Home Furnishings

G-402: Care For Fabric Home Furnishings

G-411: Buying and Remodeling a Small Home

G-412: Designing a Hobby Center

Home Management (Bugs and Chemicals)

G-304: Selection and Use of Home Cleaning Products

G-311: Safe Disposal of Household-Use Pesticide Containers

G-312: Safe Use and Disposal of Household Chemicals

G-313: Green Alternatives to Toxic Household Products and Hazardous Waste

G-315: Green Cleaning Methods for Your Home

G-324: Sleep Tight! Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite! Practical Information for Dealing With and Eliminating Bed Bugs

Guía G-324 - ¡No Deje Que Los Chinches De Cama Le Piquen!Información Práctica para Enfrentar y Eliminar Chinches de Cama

Information and Media Literacy

G-600: Fact Checking Online News and Social Media


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