Food & Nutrition

NMSU food and nutrition publications

Food and nutrition publications cover topics such as nutrition, food preparation and preservation, canning, food business and commercial food preparation, high-altitude cooking and baking, and diabetes nutrition.

Many of the publications are available as PDF files. To use files in PDF format, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download from the Adobe web site.


Food and Nutrition (General)

E-112: Healthy Eating for Teens

E-113: Nutrition Facts for Better Meals

E-134: Tips for Feeding Young Children

E-134: Tips para alimentar niños en edad prescolar

E-136: Nutrition Facts Label

E-138: Pecans: A Healthful New Mexico-Grown Food

E-139: MyPlate - The Vegetable Group: Vary Your Veggies

E-140: MyPlate - The Dairy Group: Get Your Calcium-Rich Foods

E-141: MyPlate - The Fruit Group: Focus on Fruits

E-142: MyPlate - The Grain Group: Make At Least Half Your Grains Whole Grains

E-143: MyPlate - The Protein Group: Go Lean With Protein

Food Management

E-325: How to submit a commercial food product for process review

E-510: Food Business in New Mexico

Food Preparation

E-131: In a Pinch Ingredient Substitutions

E-132: In a Pinch Food Yields

E-132: Porciones y medidas de ingredientes

E-206: Breadmaking

E-213: Using Pinto Beans

E-214: Bag It Up

E-215: High-Altitude Cooking

E-216: Making Homemade Cheese

E-217: Cactus Concoctions: How to Prepare and Use Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit and Pads

Circular 293: Cake and Mix Recipes for High Altitudes in New Mexico

Circular 517: New Mexico Favorites -- Chile and Pecans

Food Preservation

E-118: Storing Food Safely

E-306: Preserving Tomatoes at Home

E-307: Home Canning of Vegetables

E-308: Canning Green Chile

▸ Related Videos: 
Part 1: Canning Low-Acid Foods Using a Pressure Canner: Preparation
Part 2: Canning Low-Acid Foods Using a Pressure Canner: Canning Green Chile

E-311: Freezing Green Chile

E-314: Making Jam, Jelly, and Sweet Spreads at Home

E-316: Home Canned Fruit Pie Fillings

E-318: Preparing and Canning Pickled and Fermented Foods at Home

E-319: Home Canning of Fruits

E-320: Freezing Vegetables

E-321: Freezing Fruit Basics

E-322: Drying Foods

E-323: Salsa Recipes for Canning

E-324: Processing Fresh Chile Peppers

E-326: Home Canned Sweet Spreads Made with Green Chile

E-327: Using Chile to Make Ristras and Chile Sauce

E-508: Keeping Food Safe


F-123: Healthy Habits for a Healthy Weight in Children: A Parent’s Guide

Diabetes Series | Complete Nutrition Series (English Publications)

publicaciones en Español

Circular 631A-E: Control your Diabetes for Life: Nutrition Series (Combined English Version)

Individual Publications

Circular 631A: Control your Diabetes for Life: Nutrition Series - Choosing Foods at Meals and Snacks

Circular 631B: Control your Diabetes for Life: Nutrition Series - How to Read a Nutrition Facts Label

Circular 631C: Control your Diabetes for Life: Nutrition Series - What About Sweets?

Circular 631D: Control your Diabetes for Life: Nutrition Series - Keeping Heart Healthy

Circular 631E: Control your Diabetes for Life: Nutrition Series - Diabetes Food Guide Pyramid

Serie de diabetes | Serie completa nutrición (publicaciones en Español)

English Publications

Circular 631A-E: Controlar la Diabetes para la vida: serie de la nutrición (combinado Spanish Version)

Publicaciones individuales

Circular 631A: Controle su toda su vida: La selección de alimentos para comidas y meriendas

Circular 631B: Controle su toda su vida: Cómo entender la etiqueta de datos de nutrición

Circular 631C: Controle su toda su vida: Y de los dulces, ¿qué?

Circular 631D: Controle su toda su vida: Mantenga el corazón saludable

Circular 631E: Controle su toda su vida: La pirámide de alimentos para diabéticos

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