NMSU dairy publications

Dairy publications cover topics related to dairy herd management, feeds and feedings, milk production and composition, dairy goats, and dairy regulations.


Many of the publications are available as PDF files. To use files in PDF format, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download from the Adobe web site.



B-120: Anthrax and Livestock

B-121: Biosecurity on the Beef and Dairy Operation

B-122: Hairy Foot Warts

B-219: Bovine Tuberculosis

D-103: Managing Milk Composition: Normal Sources of Variation

D-104: Managing Milk Composition: Evaluating Herd Potential

D-105: Managing Milk Composition: Maximizing Rumen Function

D-106: Managing Milk Composition: Feed Additives and Production Enhancers

D-107: Water for Dairy Cattle

D-108: Whole Animal Composting of Dairy Cattle

D-109: Increasing Milk Production by Increasing Milking Frequency and Reducing Dry Period Length

D-110: Infectious Waste Disposal Guidelines for New Mexico Dairies

Circular 613: Importance of the New Mexico Dairy Industry

Circular 639: Dairy Technical and Regulatory Guidance Manual for New Mexico (PDF)

A-144: User Manual of the Dairy Annual Nutrient Manager

Dairy Goats

D-703: Housing and Working Facilities for Dairy Goats

D-704: Artificial Insemination of Dairy Goats

Feeds and Feeding

D-206: Economic Evaluation of Dairy Feeds

D-207: Economic Evaluation of Dairy Feeds: Using the FEEDVAL Spreadsheet

D-208: Feeding Waste Milk to Dairy Calves

D-209: User Manual of Grazing-N: A Nitrogen Balanced Model for Grazing Dairy Heifers and Dry Cows in New Mexico

Circular 611: Grazing-N: A Nitrogen Balance Model for Grazing Dairy Heifers and Dry Cows in New Mexico

Circular 665: Survey of Silage Crop Nutritive Value in New Mexico and West Texas

Herd Management

D-302: The Reproductive Status of Your Dairy Herd

D-303: Proper Semen Handling Improves Conception Rates of Dairy Cows

B-117: When Should Dairy Cows Be Inseminated?

B-118: Management Considerations in Holstein Heifer Development

B-212: Reproductive Tract Anatomy and Physiology of the Cow

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